Sharpe Occupational Therapy Services Inc. provides pediatric occupational therapy in the Cowichan Valley and Victoria area, Vancouver Island, BC. As owner and clinical lead, Diana Sharpe, MSc(OT), brings thorough insights and provides a sense of direction for caregivers and children dealing with complex problems. Her goal is to: learn your story, your view of the child,  your priorities; and design an individualized therapy plan.

Diana believes a child's unique potential should unfold naturally before our eyes, like a river flowing down its riverbed.

If it is not, if there are barriers (rocks or logs) in the way, how do we best remove them? 

Diana has built a unique team of professionals that works from a foundation of attachment and child-directed, active play. Certified in the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT), she can evaluate a child's sensory integration which serves as the base that supports motor skills, perceptual skills and complex skills such as attending and following directions, and finally leads to ease of learning academic skills.

Our focus is providing reliable, frequent, face to face therapy with a minority of indirect work (report writing, travel, etc.). 

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If you can understand a young child, if you can make sense of them from inside out, you DO have the keys for making sense of any problem, of any pathology, of any challenge in the unfolding of human potential.    – Gordon Neufeld


It is essential that we look at students through a different lens, to shift from thinking in terms of behavior management to figuring out why we see certain behaviors and what can be done to help these students learn to self-regulate - Stuart Shanker