Sharpe OT Services believes in a multi-disciplinary, team approach. We work closely with educators and other health care professionals, in the best interest of the child. It takes a whole village to raise a child.

Sharpe OT Services is linked with the Canada Ave Health Professionals, a multidisciplinary team sharing office space at 55 Canada Ave, Duncan.

This new partnership enables our staff to collaborate regularly with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, certified vocational rehabilitation consultant, behaviour consultant and hypnotherapist who does depth hypnosis.




Community based occupational therapy services (in home, parks, pools and at 55 Canada Ave location) are offered.

It is encouraged that our therapists collaborate among the child's "village" of caregivers, teachers, assistants, and other professionals.

Fees: $110.00 per hour

(the same rate is charged whether direct service time or travel time)