What diagnoses do you have expertise in?

The majority of our clients are ambulatory (can walk) and fit into a variety of diagnostic categories. Whether they medically fit the category of autism (ASD), developmental coordination disorder (DCD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, written output challenges, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), we continue to view the child as a whole being capable of unique functional abilities. 

As clinical lead, Diana has 13 years of experience working with children with various areas of "stuckness" in their development.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists (OTs) empower people of all ages with the skills needed to perform the job of living. OTs assist people when they have problems that impact their ability to complete occupations (tasks) important to them.

For a child these tasks may be in the realm of:

  1. taking care of oneself ("self-care" e.g. dressing, eating, sleeping, toileting),
  2. pursuing activities that are meaningful ("leisure" e.g. participation in community, sport, art, social, developing talents), and
  3. completing tasks that are needed ("work" e.g. school, learning, academics, doing chores).

OTs take into account all aspects of the child (spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive) as well as the context in which the child lives (their social/cultural environment, physical environment or institutional environments like schools, churches, or other organizations). 

OTs are experts in function and strive to enable each and every person to engage in a meaningful life.

What are your fees?

Fees are $125.00 per hour in the therapy gym ($100 per 45 minute session), to account for the higher leasing and equipment cost in this setting.

Fees outside of the therapy gym are $110 per hour of direct or indirect time (travel, report writing, analysis of findings). This fee applies to community based OT services at your home, independent school and/or our 55 Canada Avenue location. 

Involvement of a program assistant may be recommended and is invoiced at $32/hour - assistants are able to carry out interventions as prescribed by an OT. 

When and how often are children seen?

Monday to Friday,  8:30am to 6pm.

Many of our clients attend OT every week, some may attend less often (every 2nd week, or in "blocks" i.e. every week for 1 month and off for 1 month).

There continues to be a benefit for children doing sessions 1x/month, depending on the child's needs and goals.

During the summer we run more intensive "camps" that run for 2 hours duration and we offer more intense therapy blocks where children attend 2x/week.

Why do an OT assessment for a child?

Assessment is holistic and can uncover the underlying, foundational issues beneath presenting problems (what is observed by parents/teachers day to day). From there a plan of intervention may be created to address the foundational issues. We are able to bring together the profile of the child (physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities) and merge it with the context the child lives in (at home, school, community), and from there identify our key targets. 

What will be recommended?

Recommendations follow a developmental approach, are realistic, and family centered. There are alternate routes and methods that can be used to get to the same desired outcome. The route chosen often depends as much on the family situation and culture as on the child's unique profile. Often our strategies are quite simple and can be implemented in day to day living. Other times recommendations will incorporate other professionals that we can connect you with.