The current team providing services in the Cowichan Valley Area: Diane, Martin, Diana, Brandi  Missing from photo yet active with our team (scroll down to read biographies next to picture): Aiyana, Tyson (program assistants)

The current team providing services in the Cowichan Valley Area: Diane, Martin, Diana, Brandi

Missing from photo yet active with our team (scroll down to read biographies next to picture): Aiyana, Tyson (program assistants)

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Martin Middleton, Occupational Therapist

Born & raised in the Cowichan Valley, Martin is the newest addition to the SOS team. Prior to completing his Masters in OT at UBC, he worked with children, youth and families for 18 years on Vancouver Island, in areas such as employment services, aquatics, sports and outdoor recreation & behaviour intervention.

Martin forms quick and easy rapport with colleagues, parents, and especially children. Kids become enlivened by his strength based approach dappled with energy, enthusiasm, and fun! He is very practical, curious, and dedicated to helping and supporting others.

Martin avidly pursues pretty much any sport or activity that is outside. As a nature enthusiast he is very often mountain biking, climbing/hiking mountains, kayaking, and growing food. He is also a new father, and loving the adventure of parenting.

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Diana Sharpe,

Occupational Therapist, Owner/Clinical Lead

Diana brings a forward-thinking, “can do” and calm attitude to her practice. She enjoys sharing with families and the team about the dynamic interplays she observes when a child moves, learns and plays. Diana feels the art of OT as much as the science.

Diana has owned and operated Sharpe Occupational Therapy Services (SOS) in the Cowichan Valley since 2013. Since beginning to work in paediatrics in 2004, Diana previously worked with teams at the NONA Child Development Centre (Vernon), Sundrops Child Development Centre (Duncan), and the Pivot Point Family Growth Centre (Victoria). She places high priority on multi-disciplinary involvement and collaboration.


Brandi Pringle, Occupational Therapist

Brandi joined our team in November 2017. She brings rich life experience and a high energy yet easy-going approach to her practice. Brandi has a lightness and joy in her step, as well as good sense of humour.

What intrigues Brandi most is the practical nature of OT and its client-centred, holistic focus on meaningful activities. Brandi is detail oriented and analytical. She is also passionate about the environment and people’s connection to the natural world.

In her prior career journey Brandi spent quite a bit of time studying primates! In her spare time, she currently enjoys exploring the outdoors whether by foot, bike, kayak or canoe. She also paints and plays guitar or ukulele whenever she gets a chance.

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Victoria Nyasha Chiwara, Operations Coordinator

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Texas, Victoria relocated to Canada to complete her BHSc. in biomedical studies at UNBC before moving to Montreal for her M.Sc. in human genetics.

Her strengths include data processing, organization, and silly playfulness. She brings to the team a willingness to serve and support the SOS team members and program assistants.

Victoria is an advocate for mental health and self-care through exercise and a holistic work/life balance. When she is not CrossFit training, she enjoys writing, reading, playing the piano, hiking, kayaking, vinyl hunting and learning new languages.


Tyson Dyck (Program Assistant)

Tyson joined our team in April 2017, bringing with him a demonstrated ability in creative thinking, leading groups, and having clients form relationships with him easily. He has made strong contributions to related teams at: Nanaimo Child development Centre, Autism BC, CBI Health Centre, and Bill's Place Support Services.

Tyson shows an extreme dedication to his passions - including the field of occupational therapy, which hopes to pursue this as a career himself one day. His keen attitude and contagious laugh have quickly made him into a valuable team member at SOS!

Tyson was a varsity athlete at VIU for many years; he has already shown an ability to transfer skills from his sport background into his experiences with our clients. He excels at prompt, respectful communication with colleagues, team members and clients.


Aiyana Chauhan-Kendrick, Program Assistant

Aiyana joined our team in July. She has demonstrated a diversity of strong talents since that time. She has diligence and ease in her role with our staff, clients, and groups.

Having been an early childhood educator for the past 3 yrs (with a focus in supporting children with exceptional needs) she is a keen observer and an intuitive leader of groups.

She has her education assistant certificate and works part-time to support elementary age students towards excellence. This makes her a perfect tutor in our Susan Barton Reading & Spelling programming.

When not at work, Aiyana can be found on her small farm, which she and her partner dream of turning into a permaculture food forest, with a focus on restoring native plants. Her outdoor passions also include hiking and camping with her family and dog.


Erica Farrell, Physiotherapist (Colleague)

Erica is passionate about working with children. She is based Up Island and available for 1:1 or co-therapy sessions every 2 months. She has been helping developmentally challenged children with gross motor skills since 1984, when she graduated from the Manchester Royal Infirmary Physiotherapy programme. Her work is kind, respectful and catered to each child and their family.